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Captain Roger Hill served as the commander of Dog Company, 1st Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the hotly contested province of Wardak, Afghanistan. After months of intense fighting and a thirty percent casualty rate, Roger was relieved as the commander of Dog Company for interrogating spies his command discovered yet refused to take into custody. The spies, which included Captain Hill’s Army assigned translator, were released by the command while Roger was charged with war crimes.


Captain Hill’s story is detailed in his book Dog Company, A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned By Their High Command, co-authored by Lynn Vincent. Dog Company demonstrates what happens when the politics of appeasement are allowed onto the front lines of combat.

Roger has since led a successful career in senior operations management and systems engineering in Atlanta, Georgia. Roger and his wife Abigail Christmas Hill, a long time subject matter expert and advocate for human trafficking victims, met while ministering to victims of sexual exploitation in the Atlanta metro. Roger continues to serve as a champion for our military veterans and first responders. Roger has spoken about his experiences in dozens of public forums to include on national TV and radio.


Roger is available to speak about his experiences. Topics may include but are not limited to: leadership Dog Company style, creating a culture of honor, building elite teams, translating one’s military experience into a corporate setting, standing firm in one’s convictions, overcoming adversity, overcoming addiction, and the critical role his faith has played in and throughout his life. 

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